Gallery Reflection

When I look at my work I see a lot of fun, whimsical characters that all share common characteristics. All of my characters are colorful with very exaggerated proportions, each with their own individual personalities. Seeing all of this work together is really exciting to me because even though they are each their own individual projects, they really come together and create a sense of unity. It is also very rewarding to see all of this work together because it makes me realize just how far I have come from freshman year. Freshman year I wasn’t super confident in my art and I was trying to make the same art that everyone else was making, even though I wasn’t exactly comfortable with it.  Now, as senior year is coming to an end I am very confident in my art, and even though it is very different from what other peers around me are doing, it is something that I absolutely enjoy doing.In the long run I think that is what really matters the most to me.

The experience of putting together a gallery show was very stressful, but very significant for me because I loved being able to see all the hard work and effort pay off in the end. The gallery show was also very significant to me because it was one last hooray for college, but at the same time prepared me for the future to come. Overall, it was a really great experience for me.






Project Refection

For my first project I created a poster for Grand Circle Travel. What I found most interesting about this project was that I had to create a poster which captured both The Great Rivers of Europe and Bavarian Culture in one cohesive piece. The biggest challenge that I faced throughout this process was the typography. I struggled with finding the right font and the right placement of the type. No matter how many different versions I tried, none of them seemed to mesh well with the piece.

To me process is crucial in making a piece of art because it forces the finished product to be the best that it can be. Through process you get a lot of trial and error, you find out what is working and what isn’t. If you take one stab at an idea and then move onto something else not looking back  you may have missed some key details that could have taken your piece from good to great. Although I feel this way I think when it comes to art I am more of a maker than a thinker. I come up with an idea and try to execute it without taking a step back and thinking, does my concept make sense? Sometimes they don’t and I have to scratch that idea and try again.  I love my work to have a playful feel with bright bold colors that stand out.